Founded in 2011, JenniferRay is a high tech men’s jewelry and accessories brand based in The Netherlands with a focus on creating sophisticated pieces that add a stylish, luxury and rugged element to the attire of the modern man. Throughout the development years, JenniferRay has undergone a number of transformations, but has always maintained its course of creating unique design and delivering high quality with superb craftsmanship and high attention to the smallest detail in every unique design. Utilizing modern and high tech materials blended with strong rugged innovative design, JenniferRay is a fashion forward brand that is leading the way in creating unique jewelry and accessories for men.

The philosophy behind JenniferRay is to create lightweight, durable and rugged pieces. This is the forward-thinking mind-set goes into every piece designed by JenniferRay.

JenniferRay evokes a feeling of the future. It is never just about the product; it’s about the feeling you get. Already a favorite with men for its exceptional products that complement their personal style, JenniferRay is an emerging brand spreading worldwide to all lovers of carbon fiber. Our mission is to be the premier destination for men’s jewelry and accessories, online and in stores.