Oil Spill Titanium & Matte Carbon Fiber Bracelet

$369.05 incl. Tax

Matte carbon fiber and oil spill titanium bracelet. Exclusive luxury carbon fiber with solid titanium knotted together with black nylon cord.


Carbon Fiber Bracelet With Oil Slick Titanium Beads.

A high tech bracelet made from oil slick Titanium beads with luxury Carbon Fiber & knotted together with high quality nylon cord.  Only the finest materials were used to craft this fashion forward luxury bracelet.  We used solid carbon fiber to create the center piece and solid titanium barrel beads to frame the carbon.  They are tied together with durable nylon cord known as paracord.  Each bracelet is hand crafted to size and made to order.  Each oil slick titanium bead is unique because they are hand crafted so yours will vary slightly from the one pictured.  So yours will be one of a kind and no one will have one exactly like yours!

A perfect combination of top quality materials for anyone who loves high tech. These are the same materials used in high performance cars, aerospace and other luxury goods. This is a great men’s gift or for a woman.

  • Solid Luxury Carbon Fiber
  • Anodized Oil spill Titanium beads
  • Nylon rope made in the USA
  • Comes in a pouch inside a sleek box

It is important when choosing your size that you choose your exact wrist circumference! The best way to measure your wrist circumference is to use a flexible/clothing tape measurer and wrap it around your wrist.  If you do not have this take a small piece of string and wrap it around your wrist and then measure the length needed to go around your wrist. These are the only ways to accurately to measure your wrist circumference.

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